This service saves information in the form of cookies i.e. small files placed in an end user' s computer when browsing www. pages. The Cookies are used for saving information for advertising and functional purposes (there are saved some actions of end users such as: closing a window of internal promotion (so called toplayer) it enables adapting the service to the needs of people who visit it repeatedly.

Every end user may decide himself what way cookies are saved in his computer. It is made possible owing to setting/preferences being defined in the browsers. Default setting of popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari) enable to save cookies of this page.


How is it possible to make changes of cookies' servicing?

You can change servicing of cookies' files in your Internet browser up to their complete blocking. Owing to it you increase the safety level and the data protection. However, you have to reckon with a possibility that you will block some functions which you have been using so far; e.g. logging into mail account. Below you can find the references (footnotes) to the information, what way are you able to change setting of cookies' servicing in the most popular browsers.: