Presentation of the company

My name is Andrew Hurej and I have run the Locksmith' s Workshop since 1988. I specialize in making objects of different metals by spinning method. I already started my spinning practice in 1980.

I make elements on a customer' s order according to fixed pattern, quantity and price agreed-upon.

I make various shapes of spinning goods, with split moulds (open-and-shut moulds). I make moulds for concrete clients to their products.

A person who incursd costs of tooling (instrumentation) has got an exclusiveness to make elements with his former. I guarantee the high quality of my services as well as competitive prices.

I make out VAT invoices.

I make spinning, using aluminium, zinc, nickel, leaden, copper, brass, steel and stainless steel as well as silver sheets.

I have made the following elements so far: to lamps, chandeliers, lamp brackets, candlesticks, Cups, plateaus, household goods, air conditioning and ventilation goods,cornices, screens (shields), medical laboratory containers, screens for car and motorcar elements, parts of ship horns, photographic lamps and furniture, elements for food industry, devotional articles, balls on church seatposts and flag masts, elements for funeral urns and many other ones.